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Alcázar Seville Skip the Line Tickets

Best Safety
Skip the Line
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Mobile Tickets
Discounted Tickets
Cancellation Policy
  • Don't waste a minute in the entrance queues and ensure yourself comfortable and quick access to the jewel of Seville, with these priority tickets.
  • Discover the most interesting details about the Alcázar of Seville as you walk through the Lion's Gate, the Mudéjar Palace and the Gothic Palace.
  • Admire the Patio de las Doncellas with its striking tile bases and intricate marble inlays.
  • Soak up the beauty of Seville's Alcázar, including the green gardens behind the palace.
  • Let yourself be transported to the kingdom of Dorne, under the power of the Martell family - the Real Alcázar was one of the main locations for the shooting of the TV show, Game of Thrones in Seville.
  • Enhance your experience by including a practical audio guide that will tell you the most intriguing stories of the palace (subject to availability).
  • Large bags and luggage pieces are not permitted inside the attraction
  • The audio guide is available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Korean.
  • Children aged 13 and under, EU students aged 14-30, EU citizens aged 65 and above, residents of Seville, and differently-abled people enjoy reduced-price tickets (carry a valid photo ID).
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled.

Skip the Line Guided Tour of Royal Alcázar of Seville

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Skip the Line
Duration: 1.5 Hrs
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Guided Tour
Free Cancellation
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  • Skip the queues and explore the most remote corners of the Real Alcázar de Sevilla.
  • During your tour, you will be accompanied by an official guide who will tell you the dramatic history of the attraction: from the Moorish to the Christian dynasties.
  • The tour will also include a visit to the Patio de las Doncellas, the Ambassadors' Hall and the Lion's Gate.
  • Did you know? The Alcazar of Seville was used during the shooting of the successful TV series "Game Of Thrones."
  • Choose between a guided tour in English, Spanish, German, French or a bilingual option.
  • Children aged 16yrs and below, and disabled guests go free. Students aged 17-25yrs and senior citizens aged 65yrs and above enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 72hrs before the schedule.

Seville's Alcázar, Cathedral and Giralda Guided Tour

Best Safety
Duration: 3 Hrs
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Guided Tour
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  • Tour the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seville - the Real Alcázar de Sevilla, the Cathedral and the Giralda.
  • Visit the Alcazar and discover the most popular filming locations in the Game of Thrones series, such as the Patio de las Doncellas, the Ambassadors' Hall, and the Lion's Gate
  • Explore Seville Cathedral, home to the famous bell tower, La Giralda.
  • Choose from a guided tour in English, Spanish, French, Italian, or a bilingual tour.
  • Infants aged 8 and below, children aged 9-13, as well as seniors aged 65+, enjoy reduced ticket pricing (carry a valid photo ID).
  • This ticket cannot be canceled, amended, or rescheduled.

Alcázar Seville Reopens Post-COVID-19

Following a closure due to the ongoing pandemic, the Alcázar of Seville reopened its doors to the public on 15 July 2020. This move comes with various safety measures in places that visitors are expected to strictly abide by. 

Public Safety Measures at Alcázar Seville

Here’s what you need to know before your visit:

  • The landmark now only accepts online reservations and has limited ticket purchases to 250 each hour
  • All visitors are expected to arrive at the venue 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot
  • All visitors must wear gloves and masks throughout the duration of their visit
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at various points across the palace for public use
  • The temperatures of all visitors will be checked by a thermal scanner before entry. Any individual with a temperature higher than 99.5° F (37.5° C) will not be permitted in.
  • Markers have been placed across the landmark to ensure social distancing and a uni-directional flow of visitors
  • Information brochures and leaflets will not be circulated anymore. Each room will have a QR code present that can be used to scan and access information by visitors.
  • Guided tour capacity has been limited to 20 guests per group

Why Visit Alcázar Seville

Alcazar Seville Tickets

Few landmarks in the world have withstood time to narrate the tale of centuries’ influence under a myriad of cultures and religions —  the Alcázar of Seville is exactly this. From the Iberians to the Muslims and Christians, the Alcázar has grown and flourished as a significant point of history in the city of Seville. 

The Alcázar ornate, detailed architecture has been a symbol of culture, carefully recorded by historians over decades. Featuring surreal Gothic and Moorish style, the landmark features intricate carvings, beautiful stonework and craftsmanship, and multiple chambers, each more spectacular than the next.

Learn all about the dramatic history of the attraction: from the Moorish to the Christian dynasties, as you walk along this breathtaking attraction.

History of the Royal Alcazar of Seville

All Your Alcázar Seville Tickets Options

skip the line alcazar seville tickets

Skip the Line

  • These standard admission tickets will allow visitors to skip-the-lines at Alcázar Seville.
  • This ticket will grant you access to the various palaces and courtyards.
  • Take advantage of the audio guide to learn all about the royal palace.
  • Get a chance to see some of the Game of Thrones shoot locations!

Cancelation Policy: These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.

guided alcazar seville tour

Guided Tour

  • Skip the line and enter the royal palace.
  • The guided tour will allow you to learn all possible interesting facts and the history of Alcázar.
  • If you opt for a guided Alcázar Seville tour, you’ll be accompanied on your tour by a professional tour guide who is fluent in several languages including but not limited to English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Cancelation Policy: Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 72 hours before schedule.

Alcazar Seville Fast Track Tickets

Fast Track Tickets

  • These fast-track tickets allow you to skip the line and enter this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • You will be accompanied by a professional bilingual guide, who speaks both English and Spanish.
  • Learn all about its historical and cultural significance as you soak in how Arabic and Mediterranean cultures have been brought together in the creation of this Palace.

Cancelation Policy: Cancel this ticket up to 24 hours before schedule for a full refund.

Alacazar Sevilla Super Combo Tickets

Super Combo

  • Explore Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace that built for king Peter of Castile, and Seville Cathedral, the third largest church in the world.
  • Have a professional bilingual guide accompany you so you can learn all about the two attractions.
  • Explore the City Hall, Triumph Square and other attractions while walking through downtown Seville.

Cancelation Policy: Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule.

Alcazar Seville Combo Tickets

Alcázar, Cathedral and Giralda Guided Tour

  • With this ticket you can explore three attraction — the royal palace of Alcazar, Seville Cathedral, and the La Giralda bell tower — accompanied by an expert guide.
  • See iconic places such as the Courtyard of Maidens and the Hall of Ambassadors, at Alacazar.
  • Explore the Seville Cathedral, a 16th-century Gothic church. Inside the cathedral you will find the bell tower La Giralda.

Cancelation Policy: These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.

Alacazar Seville and Cathderal Tickets

Alcazar + Cathedral Tour

  • Visit the the royal palace of Alcazar, where you can view its lush green gardens and the artworks such as the “The Virgin of the Navigators” and “Azulejo” housed inside it.
  • Make your way to the Seville Cathedral, which was constructed between 1401 and 1506.
  • Learn about the rich history and culture on this guided tour.
  • The official guide will be able to communicate in English, Spanish, Italian, or French.

Cancelation Policy: These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.

Alcázar Seville Discount Tickets

Visitors above the age of 65 and students between the age bracket of 17-25 years enjoy reduced pricing on their tickets. Persons with disabilities, Seville residents, and children under 16 get free entry into the Alcázar. Please note that a valid ID must be provided to avail of these discounts.

Alcázar Seville Audio Guide

An audio guide is available for a self-guided tour. It includes English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Italian languages among others.

Choosing the Best Alcázar Seville Tickets

Explore Alcázar Seville

There’s plenty to explore and observe here, primarily Alcázar Seville's architecture. Here are a few highlights of the Alcázar that make it a historically significant monument.

alcazar seville tickets

Puerta del León

One of the first sights you’ll witness at the Alcázar is the Puerto del León, also known as the Lion’s Gate. Situated atop a tall, red-maroon wall, is a wide ceramic panel featuring a heraldic lion holding a cross. The Puerto del León serves as the main entrance into the Alcázar and leads into the Patio del Léon from where your tour begins.

alcazar seville tickets

Salón de Embajadores

The Hall of Ambassadors was used primarily for administrative purposes and receiving VIP guests by the likes of King Pedro. The principal architect behind this magnificent room is Diego Ruiz, a Seville craftsman from back in the late 1930s. The perfectly geometric pattern on the gilded ceiling is the highlight of this room, along with the intricately-detailed motifs and balconies that represent classic Moorish influence.

alcazar seville tickets

Alcázar Seville Gardens

If you’re looking for the perfect example of a pristine landscape, the Alcázar Seville Gardens will captivate your attention from the moment you set your eyes on them. These gardens are home to more than 20,000 plants and trees from around the world, including exotic species from hidden parts of South America. The lush greenery is perfectly complemented by delicate ponds and fountains.

alcazar seville tickets

Patio de las Doncellas

Also known as the Courtyard of Maidens, legend says that this area drew its name from the fact that the ancient Moors demanded 100 virgins from the Iberian Christians as a form of tribute. The Moors invested heavily into the maintenance of the courtyards; watch out for the immaculately-kept gardens, mudéjar-style architecture and symmetrical pool.

alcazar seville tickets

Palacio Mudéjar

Don Pedro -- commonly known as King Peter 1 -- while being a Christian ruler, employed Muslim architects and interior designs to build the Palacio Mudéjar (Palace of Peter 1). One of the most beautiful sections of the Alcázar, this palace is the ideal representation of Mudéjar art and heavy Moorish influence. Tip: Keep an eye out for the intricate patterns frequented across the walls and ceilings.

alcazar seville tickets

Royal Apartments

The Royal Apartments at the Alcázar are a testament to the history of the monument and the city itself. Comprising 11 rooms, these apartments currently serve as the private chambers of the royal family. They can be accessed through a private visit; on this tour, visitors get a rare glimpse of the elaborate furnishings, architecture and tapestries that have been influenced by decades of Moorish rule.

Plan Your Visit to Real Alcázar of Seville

Opening Hours
Getting There
Rules & Guidelines
What are Alcázar Seville hours?

The Alcázar Seville is open from Monday to Sunday. From 1 April to 14 September, it is open between 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM; from 15 September to 31 March, it is open between 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM.

When is Alcázar Seville closed?

Alcázar of Seville is closed on 1 and 6 January, Good Friday, and 25 December.

What is the best time to visit Alcázar Seville?

The best time to visit the Alcázar of Seville is during early mornings or right before closing for smaller crowds. The best time of the year is between February to April, right before summer, so that you can walk around without experiencing heat or large crowds.

How long is a tour of the Alcázar Seville?

It should take about 2 hours to complete a tour of the main parts of the Alcázar.

Where is Alcázar Seville located?

The Alcázar is located at Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Seville, Spain.
Google Map Directions.

How do I get to the Alcázar Seville?

You can get to the Alcázar Seville using either public transport options like the bus, metro or tram, or by driving down in a personal car or taxi.

Can I take the metro/tram to the Alcázar of Seville?

Yes. The closest train station to the Alcázar is Prado de San Sebastian. From here, the Alcázar is at a 3-minute walking distance.

Alcazar Seville Tickets Facilities
Is there a storage facility at Alcázar Seville?

Yes. Guests can deposit their luggage and other carry-ons for a small fee at the locker room at the Alcázar.

Are any dining options available inside the Alcázar?

A cafe is available for visitors inside the Alcázar where they can purchase light meals and refreshments.

Are there toilets inside the Alcazar Seville?

Yes, washrooms can be found near the café and at the far end of the garden.

Is photography permitted at Alcázar Seville?

Yes, photography is permitted in most areas of the Alcázar; in some parts, however, there may be a sign specifying that photography is not permitted, please adhere to this strictly.

Are pets allowed inside Alcazar Seville?

No. However, guide dogs and therapy or assistance animals with the corresponding accreditation would be allowed inside.

Is there a dress code to enter the Alcázar?

There's no specific dress code to visit the Alcázar of Seville. However, if you plan to visit the Seville Cathedral in the same day, you would be required to wear clothing that covers the knees and shoulders, since it is a place of worship.

Can I eat or drink inside Alcazar Seville?

You can only eat and drink in the designated areas.

Alcazar Seville Tickets Stay
Are there budget hotels near Alcazar Seville?

Yes, there are budget hotels like the Casual de las Letras Sevilla, Hotel Zaida, Ibis Budget Sevilla Aeropuerto and the Apartamentos Resitur.

Are there mid-range hotel options near Alcazar Seville?

Bellavista Sevilla, Itaca Sevilla, Casona de San Andres Hotel, Hotel Patio de la Alameda and Hotel Eurostars Regina are some mid-range hotel options near Alcazar Seville.

Are there luxury hotels near Alcazar Seville?

Corral del Rey, Boutique Hotel Casa del Poeta, Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, Hotel Unuk and Hotel Palacio de Villapanes are some nearby luxury hotels.

Alacazar Seville Restaurants
  • Realcázar: A two-minute walk from Alcazar Seville, Realcazar offers Mediterranean dishes at reasonable prices.
  • El rincón de Beirut: This Lebanese restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. Their casseroles come highly recommended.
  • Arabesca: Here you can enjoy authentic Lebanese and Moroccan dishes in a traditional Moorish-styled setting.
  • Cristina Bistró: This contemporary Andalusian bistro offers traditional dishes made with artisanal products.
  • Mirador San Fernando: This restaurant offers Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisines.

Alcazar Seville Nearby
  • Cathedral of Seville: The Roman Catholic cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the fourth-largest church in the world as well as the largest Gothic church.
  • Plaza de España: Built in 1928, the Plaza spreads across 50,000 square meters, making it one of the most imposing plazas in Spain.
  • La Giralda: The bell tower of Seville Cathedral, La Giralda was built as the minaret for the Great Mosque of Seville. 104.1 m in height, the tower continues to remain as one of the most important symbols of the city.
  • Torre del Oro: Torre del Oro is a dodecagonal military watchtower that was erected by the Almohad Caliphate in order to control access to Seville via the Guadalquivir river.

Beyond Alcázar Seville

Outside the Real Alcázar, there are a few other important attractions in Seville that should not be missed out on.

seville cathedral

Seville Cathedral

Also known as Santa Maria de la Sede, the Seville Cathedral is said to be the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it took about 100 years to complete its construction. The landmark’s architecture shows influences of a combination of Moorish, Renaissance, and Gothic design, which is elaborate in every sense. The detailed stonework on the exteriors is dedicated to Christian saints. If the exteriors weren’t impressive enough, the interiors are absolutely mesmerizing. The highlight is the altar that features intricate woodwork depicting various times from the life of Christ, as well as the beautiful dome.

Cathedral of Seville Tickets
la giralda

La Giralda

Towering over every part of Seville, a visit to the top brings to you a spectacular bird’s eye view of the city’s landscape. The tower was a minaret of Seville’s main mosque back during the rule of the Almohad Dynasty in the 1100s. With time, the minaret faced destruction and damage and was finally re-constructed over 73 years. It was completed sometime in the 1500s. La Giralda is a beautiful representation of classic Baroque and Gothic architectural styles. A highlight is the shadows created by the ornate block and brick patterns across the tower, and the iconic weather vane situated right at the top.

Seville Aquarium

Seville Aquarium

opened in 2014, the aquarium in Seville is home to about 7,000 sea creatures, including reptiles, across 35 tanks. The two bull sharks, housed in a nine-meter deep tank is one of the main attractions here. You can also watch newborn and young animals at the aquarium's baby animal center. If you are traveling with kids, make sure you check out the shallow touch pool. You will also get to learn all about marine life and ocean's ecology through informative exhibitsThere are guided tours available at Seville Aquarium. 'Sleeping with Sharks', where you can sleep in a sleeping bag separated from the sharks by a glass panel, is also a tourist favorite.

Seville Aquarium Tickets

All Your Questions About Alcázar Seville Tickets Answered

Q. Are Alcázar Seville tickets available online?

A. Yes, Alcázar Seville tickets are available online.

Q. How much do the Alcazar Seville tickets cost?

A. Alcazar Seville tickets start at €14.50. You can purchase Alcazar Seville tickets here.

Q. Is Alcázar Seville open post Covid-19?

A. Yes, the Alcázar Seville is now open to visitors.

Q. What safety measures are in place at Alcázar Seville?

A. To prevent the spread of the pandemic, Alcázar Seville has implemented strict safety measures in place. This includes online reservations, mandatory use of masks, temperature checks on entry and social distancing rules.

Q. Do Alcázar Seville tickets include skip the lines access?

A. Yes, your Alcázar Seville tickets include skip the lines access, allowing you to bypass the waiting lines and head directly towards security check.

Q. Are guided tours of Alcázar Seville available?

A. Yes. Guided tours are available. Depending on the ticket you choose the guided tours will be available in English, Italian, Spanish and French.

Q. What is the cancelation policy for Alcázar Seville ticket?

A. It depends on the ticket you choose. The standard entry ticket does not provide any refund on cancelation, while the guided tour offers a full refund if canceled within the stipulated time period.

Q. What are Alcázar Seville opening hours?

A. Alcázar Seville is open every day of the week. From 1 April to 14 September, it is open between 9:30 AM to 7 PM; from 15 September to 31 March, it is open between 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

Q. Is the Alcazar Seville open everyday?

A. While the Alcazar is open every day of the week, it is closed on 1 and 6 January, Good Friday, and 25 December.

Q. What is the best time to visit Alcázar Seville?

A. The best time to visit the Alcázar of Seville is during early mornings or right before closing for smaller crowds. Plan your trip between February to April so that you can walk around without experiencing heat or large crowds.

Q. How long does a tour of the Alcázar Seville take?

A. It takes about 2 hours to complete a tour of the Alcázar.

Q. How do I get to Alcázar Seville?

A. You can get to Alcázar Seville by train, bus or car. If you're taking the metro, alight at Prado de San Sebastian station. from here, the Alcázar is at a 3-minute walking distance.

Q. Is Alcázar Seville wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, most parts of the Alcázar have been made wheelchair-friendly, which includes elevator service.

Q. Is photography allowed at Alcazar Seville?

A. Yes, photography is permitted in most parts of the Alcázar. The areas that are not allowed to be photographed have a sign saying so.

Q. Is there a dress code to enter the Alcázar?

A. While there's no specific dress code to visit the Alcázar, if you plan to combine your visit to the Seville Cathedral on the same day, you would be required to wear clothing that covers the knees and shoulders.