Alcazar Architecture

One of the most significant characteristics that drives throngs of visitors to Alcázar of Seville has to be its arresting architecture. First, a Moorish castle then the residence of King Peter of Spain, the palace has seen changes that now reflect Mudéjar architecture alongside the stylistics of the Renaissance-era and Baroque flourishes. Individual sections of Alcázar of Seville such as the Courtyard of the Maidens or the Chapel reflect the classical styles and tastes of different eras is time. The decorative tiles feature Azulejo work with intricate paintings on tin-glazed ceramic tiles. 


Impressive altar pieces, tapestries and paintings that now adorn the palace were once contributed by renowned artists such as Francisco Niculoso Pisano and Alejo Fernandes in the 16th-century. The palace gardens especially, are continuously landscaped adding to the glorious and vibrant array of lush flora, with fragrant rose bushes and orange trees, and thriving fauna. From fish ponds to fountains, the gardens are warm and cheerful, surely a place where people can single out a moment of peace and serenity.

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